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A journey of vision, insight and co-creation.

We help you to design and deliver the best tasting and on trend products that consumers want. Working systematically through three stages, we support you with knowledge of what is possible. That is the best ingredients, the latest science, and an understanding of regulation and compliance.

  • Sports Nutrition
    Whether to build muscle or increase endurance, we can help you develop the next pre workout, protein drink or recovery drink.
  • Active Nutrition
    Sports Nutrition has gone mainstream, and so have we. Energy drinks are the new pre workout, nootropics is the alternative to stimulants, and protein maintains healthy muscles.
  • Health & Wellness
    If you are not healthy, you can’t perform (in life). We have all things functional and better for you whether to maintain immune function, weight wellness or support the inner you!
  • Gaming
    Whether is is Call of Duty, League of Legends or Street fighter 2, we develop products that keep the gamers energised, focused and on top of their game.

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    Our Approach

    We are a private label formulation, development and manufacturing partner that is fully focused on helping you to develop the best tasting functional beverages and ready to mix powders. From functional shots, to beauty waters to energy drinks. From protein powders, to preworkout to superfoods.

    With state-of-the-art machinery and extensive experience, we produce great tasting and stable formulations no matter the complexity of your brief.

    From energising the world of pre workout, to re-imaging the future of brain performance and nootropics – we are focused on advancing the world of functional drinks. Add to that a lifestyle twist of diet and detox, mind and body, or joint and bone – we have the expertise and knowledge to develop a drink for all consumers, no matter the sport, activity, goal or occaion.

    Quality & Sustainability