Product Licensing Process

For each product, which is classified as an NPH (Natural Health Product), Future Nutrition is obliged to develop a methodology to meet the standards for safety, quality and efficiency as defined by NHPD (Natural Health Product Directorate).

The NHPD delivers NPN’s (Natural Product Number) only once Future Nutrition’s production procedures meet the required specifications.

More information concerning NPN

Due to the new Canadian Regulations concerning Natural Health Products, effective as of January 2004, Future Nutrition has adopted a strict protocol concerning its products.

  1. To identify how many products at Future Nutrition are concerned with the Regulatory Framework for NHP.
  2. To develop the methodology and priorities necessary to comply with the new Regulations.
  3. Natural Health Products for which there is little or no prior knowledge or experience, or products with identified safety, quality or efficiency concerns, would require additional scientific review and comprehensive submission.
  4. Propose labeling requirements for Natural Health Products with the goal of giving consumers the necessary information to make informed choices.

Procedure for establishing a manufacturing site license

The license for the manufacturing site is granted by the NHPD (Natural Health Product Directorate). This sanction approves the quality system as per the GMP’s requirements, which have been built by the manufacturing companies QA (Quality Assurance) person. This QA person’s qualifications must first be recognized by the NHPD as possessing the necessary academic training and experience.

The Quality system is governed by the SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures). It is mandatory that all parties involved in the production of finished products follow these procedures.

What is the Key to success for conforming to the GMP principles?

To conform to the GMP principles we must follow the SOP’s as they relate to:

  • Building and Equipment
  • Personal
  • Production processes
  • Records and documentation


We have created an effective procedure consisting of required specifications, appropriate full weight as well as packaging options.

Raw Materials

The QA system and GMP requirements are responsible for the incoming of all Raw Materials.  Prior to be release for production, the raw materials are tested to insure that they meet applicable specifications by the agreed External Analysis Lab.

After the manufacturing of bulk form, the QA Inspector inspects by a QAL, the finished products.  It is essential that the Inspector must be assured that all tests have met the necessary specifications!

Our raw materials are purchased world wide with the assurance that they meet all required specifications.

The shipping is performed by the warehouse staff. Samples are retained

Manufacturing, Packaging Powders, Capsules, Tablets

We adapt the best process for each step of manufacturing and packaging on the basis of the Product Development Project. .  Blending and granulating are equally efficient whether dealing with large or small volumes.

A high speed packaging line assures filling, capping with an induction sealer, labeling, shrink wrapping, and boxing into cartons.

A separate powder filling line is used to fill a wide range of bottle sizes to accommodate our client’s requirements.

We also configure and design our pallets to meet our client’s specifications.

Delivering the Finished Product

All of our products are supported by QA and QC compulsory testing prior to their release.  An organized warehouse guarantees efficient storage.