Future Nutrition is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest quality of nutritional supplements. To demonstrate our commitment to product Quality, Safety & Efficacy, we have implemented Health Canada’s quality assurance (QA) program called Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This QA program applies to the manufacture, packaging, labeling, testing, storage and distribution of our Future Nutrition line of products. This will help assure our customers that the products we bring into our warehouse will have been tested to guarantee their potency and purity.
 Our storage, handling and distribution systems then prevent any of these product characteristics from changing. As part of GMP, all of our actions are documented to demonstrate compliance to our written procedures. The attainment of this quality objective is the responsibility of senior Hair Grow Technology management. It also includes the participation and commitment of personnel in all departments and at all levels within Future Nutrition and our suppliers.


Future Nutrition senior management will ensure the GMP program is adequately resourced with qualified personnel, suitable facilities and equipment.

Our QA system guarantees GMP requirements and it is also responsible for the Quality Accepted Level.  The Quality Assurance inspector verifies if all testing has been completed and if all applicable specifications were met. He adheres to the policy of retaining samples of the finished products. The picking, packing, and shipping of our products are completed by our warehouse staff.

Overall, this commitment to GMP will help assure the Safety & Efficacy of all natural health products (NHPs) sold to our customers. We will not accept any product at our site, nor sell any NHP, which can not be proven to meet these GMP requirements.


Health Canada’s solution to how to protect yourself

Effective as of January 2004 Health Canada has imposed a new set of regulations known as the NHP (Natural Health Product) regulations.

As of January 2006 this set of standards will be strictly enforced to protect the public from fraudulent and deceptive manufacturing and reselling practices by anybody of the supplement industry.
With the objective of protecting the consumer, these obligations require supplement manufacturers and resellers to:men-lab-coats

1. Apply for a manufacturing site license

To obtain a manufacturing site license it is necessary to build a quality assurance system that complies with Health Canada’s GMP standards.

In strict accordance with this philosophy Future Nutrition has created Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), developed by its QA (Quality Assurance) person. This QA person’s qualifications have been recognized by the NHPD (Natural Health Product Directorate) as possessing the required academic training and experience.

2. Apply for product NPN (Natural Product Number)

To receive Natural Product Numbers each product sold by Future Nutrition must receive licenses. Each license corresponds to a unique Natural Product Number (NPN) issued by the NHPD .

Guidelines which must be followed in order to obtain NPN’s
(Natural Product Numbers)

a) Report for safety – This is a document which must be produced by Future Nutrition to prove that its products are completely safe for human consumption. It will include the necessary cautions and warnings if applicable.

b) Report for evidence – This is the recommended use and purpose, of the products produced by Future Nutrition.

Thus it is Future Nutrition’s mandate to remain in conformity.